We won the first prize in Linked Open Data Challenge 2020 Japan

We won the first prize and the ontology prize in Linked Open Data Challenge 2020 Japan.

See more detail about SDM Ontology (in Japanese)

We got the following comment from the reviewers (in Japanese).

(Critique of the First Prize) This is an ambitious work that brings together detailed metadata about the recording environment and editing/playback systems of music events into a dataset based on the SDM ontology developed by the SDM Consortium. Its structural accuracy and expressiveness can be seen in "Web360Square," an application category entry using the LOD. The open data of the VR/MR era, where music can be shared not only as music but also as an event experience at any place and time, is likely to enrich our daily lives, even under the current circumstances where it is difficult to gather in large numbers.

(Critique of the Ontology Prize) I respect the fact that ontology researchers have boldly tackled an unexpected field. It is probably the first of its kind in the world. I hope this ontology will spread to the music business field.

(translated from Japanese by DeepL)